Generative design


Luxiom stands on principles that allow our products to be modified at any time, by anyone.

By using specially developed silicone couplings, our goods can be assembled in different configurations ranging from simple to complex to create fixtures designed from basic geometrical components. This creative process combines a bit of math, geometry and magic - Pythagoras already knew that geometry is sacred.




Each Luxiom luminaire conceals many others. All you have to do is break down your assembled fixture and restart your creative process all over again. This can be done at any time, by anyone.

You could, for example, go from one luminaire to two - one to hang on the ceiling and one to be placed on the floor. This principle allows for an infinite combination game. Just like with building blocks, no design is incorrect.

Luxiom lights arrive knocked down in segments. You are able to select size, color and the material translucence of each piece.  In this Universe, there is no end to creative options.




Luxiom products are not only a feast for your eyes. Exploring them with your hands is also a joyful experience. Our lights are made with the highest quality plastic? The building segments will not deform even after several reconstructions. Nothing will wobble anywhere. All parts continue to fit together tightly and beautifully.




At Luxiom, you are able to the select the size, color or material translucence of each segment of your luminaire. For example, should you want a round star, you can have a small blue or huge striped white and pink or black. Although, how does a black ball shine?





Tom Hovorka is one of the most talented and upcoming young Czech designers. He comes from domestic traditions and naturally combines them with international experience. Tom has worked around the whole world including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and London. He studied at the School of Applied Arts, at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht in the Netherlands. He garnered his work experience while working for the Lasvit brand. Dutch design philosophy of experimental approach and testing the limits of materials has had great influence on Thomas creative process.


Social Conscience.


Establishing partnerships with social programs that assist the disadvantaged is also part of our focus at Luxiom. Should you choose to have your light fixture assembled at one of our sponsored organizations, you can be assured that it will be done by the very skillful hands of individuals with special needs. Design does not happen in a vacuum. It is part of a society rooted in it and draws from it. As such, it is important for us that our the company gives back to the community. 


Thank you in advance.

Endless customization

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